Research was completed promptly and progress reports and consultation throughout the process ensured the project was tailored to meet my requirements. Lyn's report was extremely thorough and was presented clearly so I was able to easily understand my genealogy as all information included in Lyn's report was verified and supported by relevant accompanying documentation and evidence.
L. M-R   (New Zealand)

I was very impressed with Lyn's services for several reasons including her timely submission of detailed progress reports, her requests for permission from me prior to proceeding with certain billable aspects of the research and her willingness to "go the extra mile" to access other information.
Linda D-S (Manitoba, Canada)

I feel that Lyn conducted her research professionally, knowledgably and with a genuine passion for genealogy. I feel I got exceptional value for money and would highly recommend Lyn's thorough, professional, and methodical approach.
L. Beedie (Tasmania, Aust)

Can't believe the amount of work involved. What a whizz you are! Thanks hugely
A. H (New Zealand)

Lyn, one word: Wow! This is amazing!
Martin G (Singapore)

I can tell you my wife and I read through it and loved it. I think my Mum will be thrilled and very keen to see more added to it.
J. A (NSW, Aust)

Very many thanks for all your work, Lyn.  It's been a pleasure
David P (UK)