What do I get?

Above is a representative example only. Depth of report varies depending on the quality of the family legend, the information available provided prior to research, accessibility to records and the package option commissioned.

Research is completed in stages. Each stage generally takes between four to eight weeks to complete unless there is some urgency. Having undertaken a stage of research into a particular family line, a comprehensive research report detailing the findings and incorporating all records found in the course of research, will be prepared for you. The report will be presented to you in a folder.

You will be provided with original documentation (or copies) of primary and secondary resources. Research involving international searches may take longer than local searches and this may cause some delay. Should this be the case, clients will be contacted in advance. Clients are provided with as much information as is available from current sources and full confidentiality and accuracy is assured.

A report would typically include:

  • an explanation of the investigation undertaken
  • details of family members and their relationships to you
  • analysis of the results obtained and possible implications
  • original documentation (or copies) of primary and secondary sources

If further research is possible, suggestions regarding the next stage will be included.