Customised Research

Customised research:

Research projects can be customised to meet the individual requirements of the client, or clients can select one of our family history packages. Any information provided to Past Presented during the course of research is kept entirely confidential and not released to any other party or organisation.

Rather than commission a full stage of research, you may only be looking for some specific information regarding a particular aspect of your family history. A customised research project may suit those who require greater flexibility, have a specific budget, or a specific research requirement, (such as a specialist record lookup in a New Zealand record repository) where the cost and direction of customised research is based on an hourly rate for the number of hours of work you wish to commission.  This hourly rate applies to all time in respect of office-based and repository-based research; reading and analysis of information; reading, processing and responding to incoming correspondence; preparation of a research report.

Past Presented offers individual tuition on a variety of levels and will also photograph headstones on client request at a negotiated rate.