Fees and Payment Information

The fee for our professional genealogical services depends on the nature of the research requested. Set fees can be provided for individual record searches (specialist record lookups) and the cost of customised research is pre-determined based on client specification.

All fees are quoted in New Zealand funds and before proceeding with research, a deposit as part payment of the fee will be required. Full payment is required upon completion of the work, after which a copy of the final report will be supplied. Wider or unusually difficult problems may entail additional expenditure. For lengthy projects outside the scope of available packages, special rates can be negotiated although progress payments will be required. Unpaid invoices will result in withheld reports.

Certificate fees, and additional costs (i.e additional documentation, film hire, photocopying beyond the offices of Past Presented), and postage and packaging will be passed on at cost to the client, in consultation. Clients will be issued with one copy of the report. Additional copies will be available for $15.00.

No charge is made to the client for travel expenses incurred in the course of research within the Tauranga metropolitan area. However, travel costs beyond the Tauranga metropolitan area may be applicable.